California ecologic environmental manufacturing

About US

With a scientific background and more than 30 years of experience in Research and Development of new technologies in other industrial fields, CEEM’s team incursion in the cannabis industrial manufacturing for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids in 2016. Establishing CEEM in 2018, fully licensed in the State of California for Manufacturing and Distribution. In 2020 CEEM produces clean products under three different patents pending filed in the USPTO for preservation, extraction and synthesis of the elemental compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Our extraction processes do not include the use of dangerous and flammable hydrocarbons or work at very high pressure or cryogenic conditions. Our process can extract from the most delicate of the highly volatile terpenes and flavonoids to the richest broad-spectrum distillates on high concentrations of the active cannabinoids.

Our products include a balanced combination of cannabis derived terpenes, and cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBG and CBN.